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Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Dodge Omni GLH and GLHS That Went Like Hell


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1985 Dodge Omni GLH Front

The Dodge Omni was built by Chrysler from 1977 to 1990 and was the first front-wheel drive vehicle produced by Chrysler. It was also one of the first American front-wheel drive cars to sell in large numbers. This compact hatchback saw several variants over the years, including the heavily modified GLH and GLHS models which stood for “Goes Like Hell.” With a new take on this car having recently debuted at SEMA, we thought we’d take a look at the original

The GLH debuted in 1985 with a turbocharged engine option. Low boost of 7.2 psi and a low weight of 2,200 pounds are what gave the car its worthy moniker. The 1986 model was the same other than a hatch-mounted third tail light and that was where production stopped. The GLH cars were sold to Shelby who turned them into the GLHS.

1985 Dodge Omni GLH Rear

These Shelby-modified cars were more powerful so they were differentiated as GLHS models which stood for “Goes Like Hell (and then) Some.” They had 175 hp and 175 lb-ft of torque. The boost was also improved. Shelby raised it to 12 psi by giving the car a larger turbocharger and a front-mounted intercooler.

Every Shelby GLHS also had Eagle GT Gatorback tires on Shelby Centurian wheels, Koni adjustable shocks and struts, and stiffer springs. They also had unique decals with the Shelby name and silver pin stripes. There was even a numbered dash plaque to make sure everyone knew that this was a truly special Omni thanks to Shelby’s tinkering.

1985 Dodge Omni GLH