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Friday, November 13, 2015

Watch This Car Vending Machine Deliver Your Vehicle Like a Snack


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Carvana Store

The process of buying a car is tedious. It requires hours of time doing research followed by hours in the dealership haggling and signing your life away before you finally get your hands on that new set of keys. Carvana has made the process a little less painful by turning one of its stores into a giant car vending machine.

The company makes the whole car-buying process different by taking it out of a dealership and moving it online to start. Every step of of buying the car, right down to financing, can happen with you sitting in your living room in your pajamas. You won’t be stuck in a dealership all day, but you do need to pick up your new car and this is the part Carvana wanted to improve next.
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Carvana Store Levels

Those who pick up their cars in Nashville, Tennessee can do so at the Carvana vending machine. It’s a five-story, automatic vending machine operated by a giant coin that fits in a slot. It’s just like getting a gumball, but more expensive and longer-lasting. Drop the coin and a robot arm collects your car to ferry it down to the ground where a robot then drives it into its designated bay.

Right now, you have to pick up your car in Nashville to have this experience, although they do offer a $200 credit toward airfare and white glove service from the airport. According to The Verge, Carvana plans to open more of these stores across the country, so soon you may be able to buy your next car from a giant vending machine no matter where you live.