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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fenyr SuperSport: Dubai’s 900-HP Supercar Has Arrived



Headquartered in Dubai, W Motors made an astounding impact with the debut of its $3.4 million Lykan HyperSport supercar in January 2013. Just seven exist in the world, each generating a mammoth 780 horsepower, and one famously graced the screens of Furious 7
But now that’s old news. This is the company’s new flagship supercar, the 2016 Fenyr SuperSport, which was unveiled today at the 2015 Dubai International Motor Show. It shares more than a few design cues with its rarified predecessor, but make no mistake—the Fenyr is here to evolve the breed. And “evolve” it certainly does.

According to W Motors, the Fenyr SuperSport will utilize a RUF-designed (the famous Porsche tuner) flat-six engine, much like the original Lykan. However, the Fenyr’s twin-turbocharged engine has grown in displacement to four liters and now summons an unthinkable 900 horsepower and 885 lb.-ft. of torque, funneled exclusively to a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox.


That tremendous power is said to unlock a zero to 60 mph sprint in under 2.7 seconds, as well as top speeds in excess of 248 mph. Not what you’d call lackluster. Part of that performance is made possible thanks to the Fenyr’s featherweight carbon fiber body, which clothes an aluminum tubular chassis underneath.

While there’s a distinct familial resemblance between the Fenyr SuperSport and Lykan, the new car’s carbon fiber body nip tucks and future-proofs many of its predecessor’s features, from revised rear air intakes to a redesigned hood, and new front and rear fascias. The lines look well wrought, as they should—the Fenyr SuperSport will bring the W Motors brand to an even larger market.


According to W Motors, 25 Fenyr SuperSports will be built on an annual basis. Production is currently handled by company partner Magna Steyr Italy, but as W Motors has now established its headquarters in Dubai, the company soon hopes to shift production to the United Arab Emirates as well.

Given its predecessor retailed for a stratospheric $3.4 million, most will be clamoring to know the price of the Fenyr. Unfortunately W Motors has yet to reveal those numbers…but don’t expect them to be “cheap” by any means.