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Saturday, November 21, 2015

This Oversized, Street-Legal Pedal Car is Every Man-Child’s Dream


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For as long as cars have been on the road, pedal cars have been following slowly behind on the adjacent sidewalks. The pedal car is an icon for kids and adults alike, though, only the former actually gets to enjoy the toy to its fullest.
But one man wanted to change that concept (at least for himself). Semi-retired engineer and machine shop owner Dan Hryhorocoff wasn’t ready to part ways with his childhood, so he developed an oversized, street-legal pedal car of his own. The four-year-old in us is absolutely gleaming at the moment.


The replica follows the look of the iconic Murray General pedal car that was popular in the 40s and 50s—likely when Hryhorocoff was a kid. It shares identical styling, from the tires, to the body panels, to the ridiculously oversized steering wheel.
Underneath the retro design is a more modern, highly-customized 1997 Ford Ranger donor chassis and a 3.0-liter Ford V6 that produces 147 horsepower. That means Dan doesn’t have to do any actual pedaling.


As much as it’s very much a toy for Dan, this massive Murray General will be on display at the AACA Museum’s Christmas exhibit until January 3, 2016, in Hersey, Pennsylvania.