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Thursday, November 5, 2015

You Can Already Buy this SEMA 2015 Camaro, for $130,000


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To the automotive fanatic, Las Vegas’ annual SEMA Show is sensory overload. You’ll find everything from kitted-out imports to sky-high mud trucks, and a dozen cars you didn’t even know existed, which makes leaving the convention center a tough move at the end of the day.
However, you may not have to leave empty handed. Given the promotional and “show car” nature of many the vehicles on the SEMA floor, loads of these custom rides ultimately end up for sale.

 This mouthwatering ’68 pro-touring Chevrolet Camaro, which graces this year’s Nitto Tires booth, is one such car, but it will take a considerable amount of coin to take it home. Try $130,000. Then again, you do get quite a lot of looks and ‘go’ for your money.


According to the owner, the racy Camaro build was completed in July by Starlite Rod & Custom of Torrance, California, and from the get-go it was intended to be just as head-turning on an autocross circuit as it is on a showroom floor. As a result, the Camaro sits low and ditches its ‘60s suspension for a modern day RideTech solution, which includes bigger control arms and adjustable coilover shocks in front, while a four-link coilover setup ensures traction in the rear.
Reflective of its place on the Nitto Tire stand, the pro-tourer wears grippy Nitto NT555 high performance rubber, wrapped in three-piece Forgeline wheels. Complementing those tires are a smattering of Wilwood brake components—six-piston front brakes, four-piston rear, chomping down on massive 14-inch discs. It’s safe to say traction shouldn’t be an issue.


And neither should horsepower. In 1968, you could nab a Camaro from the factory with a 375 horsepower 396 cubic inch V8, or a 425 hp 427ci V8 if you could finagle a COPO Camaro.

 By comparison, this proud pony car wrestles a tall 525 horsepower from a stroked 383ci Chevrolet V8, running Holley Dominator fuel injection, MSD ignition, and exhaling through a Magnaflow stainless steel exhaust. A Tremec T-56 manual handles shift work through the six speeds, and 3.80 gears apply that power to a Trutrac rear end.

Inside, the Camaro melds the show car and pro-touring look well, featuring the original dashboard, JBL sound system, Vintage Air air-conditioning, and leather bolstered seats, as well as a racy Sparco steering wheel. That exterior color look familiar? It’s actually Plymouth Prowler Orange.

Heading to the 2015 SEMA Show? Be sure to give this sleek Chevy a look at the Nitto stand.