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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

This Beautiful Toyota 2000GT is the Best Way to Blow $1 Million


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It’s hard to really describe in words just how special the Toyota 2000GT was. It was essentially a middle finger to the European sports cars of the world, featuring a more radical design, and a more heart-pounding drive. Or so the legend goes…
For many of us, though, we’ll never know exactly how true that is—but if you have a million bucks to blow, you can experience this joy first hand. A beautiful example in red is up for sale on Dupont Registry.


Considering only 351 2000GT’s were ever created makes the car rare on its own. Add to the fact that the one pictured here is one of only 62 ever made with left-hand drive and that only increases the value. But the most amazing part is that this car still remains true to 1967 with almost all original parts.
Imported to Switzerland from Japan in 1969, the car was owned by Emil Frey, a classic car collection agency. In the 90s, the car went under the knife for a full restoration from top to bottom. Engine, brakes, suspension, tires, interior, and all the other cosmetic touch ups one could imagine were all refurbished.


After 30 years, the beautiful sports car remains even more so. Calling Springfield, Missouri, home, the 2000GT is finally looking for a new home. Price?

It’ll set you back a solid $1,295,000. Not exactly chump change—but worth every penny.