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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Watch a Veteran Happily Reunited with His Stolen Classic Cars


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Veteran Stolen Car

While most of us were busy honoring those who serve on Veteran’s Day, a couple of punks were busy stealing two classic cars from one Veteran in California. Don Klein served in the United States Air Force and had two of his classic cars stolen the night before Veteran’s Day.

Klein and his wife made it a hobby to restore the cars as a way of helping out with their grandkids’ college funds. They have 8 grandkids and had a car for each one to sell if they needed money for college. Clearly, Klein is a cool guy doing something like that for his family. Unfortunately, a couple of thieves stole two of his cars.
Veteran Stolen Car 2

The police worked the case and in only 10 days they were able to recover both vehicles and apprehend two suspects. The cars were undamaged, but the police went an extra step and cleaned them up before presenting them to a very grateful Klein.

According to ABC, they also gave him a pair of clubs to lock the cars and hopefully keep them from being stolen again. Nice to see the cars recovered and Klein reunited with his vehicles.