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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bill Nye Wants NASCAR to Go Electric


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NASCAR Nextel Cup Series, Homestead.

Bill Nye thinks NASCAR is in need of a change. He wants them to ditch all those gasoline engines in favor of electrics to set an example to the rest of the world. Interest in electric cars has waned with falling gas prices and Nye sees an all-electric NASCAR as a way to bring interest back.

Fans aren’t too thrilled with the idea of what would be a significant change to their sport. The roar of the engines and the smell of the racetrack are part of the experience and they would disappear if electric cars became the norm. It’s hard to imagine cars speeding around the track in silence.


According to Time, Nye’s idea may sound crazy, but he makes a solid case for electric NASCAR racing. He points out that a Tesla Model S has impressive torque and horsepower numbers compared to a NASCAR vehicle and it wasn’t even designed for racing. Imagine if engineeers built an electric specifically for NASCAR.

The idea may be sound, but chances of it happening are low. It would change the entire nature of the event and possibly alienate a lot of fans, so the roar of NASCAR engines is safe, for now.

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