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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Tribute to the 6th Street Bridge: Hollywood’s Unsung Hero


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You may have watched “Grease Live” (insert night), which snagged an impressive 12.2 million viewers. I did not watch because putting up with that corny, nonsensical musical was not worth it without the car races, which featured an unsung hero from the film world; Los Angeles’s 6th Street Bridge.

The 6th Street Bridge has been the backdrop of countless movie scenes. Not only is it the longest bridge in Los Angeles, at 3,500 feet, but it also spans the Los Angeles River, and the L.A. skyline can be clearly seen in the background. As such, it has been used in everything from Terminator 2, to Dark Knight Rises, to Drive and In Time.

The bridge closed on January 27th, and is being torn down and replaced, so film and video editor Vashi Nedomanksy decided to create a tribute to this bridge with eleven of his favorite uses of the bridge among the hundreds of films it has appeared in.

Once the original 6th Street Bridge has been torn down, the construction of a new bridge will commence, with a planned opening of 2019. Here is an artist’s rendering of the bridge that will replace it, featuring an impressionistic take on the recognizable steel arches of the original.