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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

This is What A Ford GT Race Car Looks Like After 20 Hours on the Track


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24 hours is a hella long time to be on a race track, especially when we’re talking about speeds well over 100 mph. That being said, it takes a certain kind of car to tackle a grueling 24-hour race like the Rolex 24 this past weekend. The Ford GT was just one of those cars.
Making its track debut in Daytona, the Ford GT teamed struggled in its first go. But that didn’t mean the cars didn’t have a few battle scars to show for their effort. After 20 or so hours on the track, the number 67 car was pulled off the track (again), and we just managed to be in the right place at the right time.


Just before the sun was peaking up over the horizon on Sunday morning, the wear and tear from nearly 20 hours on the track was definitely noticeable. Black streaks and scuffs marked up the normally pretty face of this American race car. Even then, the two Ford cars faired better than some of their competitors.
It was definitely a sight to see. For an even better look at the GT in its first go, Ford Performance put together this nifty little video.

Photo Credit: Jeff Perez for BoldRide