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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Could This Be The Apple Car?


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Apple Car Concept image

There’s been plenty written about the potential Apple car. Now, though, we have an interesting guess as to what it might look like when it hits the road. This version is quintessentially Apple with smooth lines, tons of technology, and that iconic Apple logo prominently featured.
These Apple car concepts were drawn up by CarWow,and they include both interior and exterior design possibilities. It starts by taking a cue from Tesla with an absentee grille and flowing, aerodynamic lines that look a bit like the Magic Mouse.

Apple Car Interior concept photo

Colors are white, black, and gold in a nod to the newest iPhones with carbon-fiber reinforced plastics that include a coating to keep dirt from marring that perfect finish. The wheels are designed to cut drag and look good.

The interior is where it suddenly looks like no other car. There’s a fingerprint-reading home button on the driver and passenger front doors and it’s all unlocked from the outside with a left to right swipe. An iPhone dock is built right into the dash and it activates a huge display. There’s a map, hot buttons for favorite apps, and a display from Siri.

It’s enough to make you want to line up outside the Apple store right now.