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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Misha Designs FXXKs Up the Ferrari 458 Italia


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The Ferrari 458 has been in production since 2009. After giving it the Speciale treatment, Ferrari recently unveiled its “replacement,” the 488 GTB, a reworked, slightly redesigned, and retuned version of the car at this month’s Geneva Motor Show. But not everybody is ready to put the 458 in the past just yet. Misha Designs, in fact, just released a brand new body kit.

The exterior kit comes in two versions. The first photos you see here are the special edition, of which only 20 will be made. The American company took inspiration from the LaFerrari XX K in its conception, made obvious by that giant wing. Additionally, the whole package includes a new hood, a new front bumper with canards, a three-inch wide-body kit, side skirts, and a rear diffuser. That’s all carbon fiber, by the way.


The second version of the kit is a little more subtle (if that’s even possible for a Ferrari). The side skirts are less aero-focused and the wing is reduced to more of a lip spoiler.

These kits are purely aesthetic, which means that the 458 retains its 562-horsepower, 4.5-liter V8. Unlike the 488, that’s all naturally aspirated. That’s enough power to speed to 60 mph from a dead stop in 3.3 seconds and for a top speed of 201


Both kits are already available for order.