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Saturday, March 14, 2015

This Might Be Your New Favorite Track Car


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Phiaro cypher concept photo

While the Geneva Motor Show has come and gone, there were a few concepts at Geneva that didn’t get grab much of the limelight.

When that’s the case, it usually means the concepts are either utterly boring or hideous to the eye. However, this new track day concept cars is neither.

Phiaro P75 Concept Cypher photo

This is the Phiaro P75 Concept Cypher. Besides it’s silly, silly name, the Cypher definitely begs your attention. Under the hood is a 1.5-liter engine that produces a mere 142 horsepower, which is connected to a five speed manual gearbox.

 And while the horsepower may not be that impressive compared to its other track day brethren, the weight or lack thereof surely is.
At 1,310 lbs., this car is insanely light.

 Couple that horsepower rating with the sheer lack of weight, and we’re betting it can still get up and go at lightning speeds.

Phiaro P75 Concept Cypher track shot

Now here’s the only bad part. While the looks are just straight up supercar ridiculous, this still remains solely a concept. Phiaro, the company behind this wonderful creation, hasn’t stated whether it will actually build the Cypher. All Phiaro has said is that it’s “a message to the next generation.” Which, besides being unbelievably cryptic, is a shame, since this car would likely put the Ariel Atom on notice.