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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

LaFerrari Gets ‘Upgrade’ So it Doesn’t Burst into Flames

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LaFerrari Driving photo

For years, the running joke about Ferrari is that they tend to go up in flames if you look at them funny. Or have a gentle breeze waft over their engine bays while stationary in somebody’s climate controlled garage. Largely, this has been quite a bit of hyperbole. However, with recent news, there definitely appears to be a grain of truth.

While the rival Porsche 918 has already seen one recall, the new LaFerrari isn’t getting recalled at all, actually. Rather, it’s getting an “upgrade.” An “upgrade” to replace the fuel tank and prevent the car from turning into a ball of fire, which can be completed in about 8 hours. Fancy.

LaFerrari on track photo

According to Autocar, Ferrari is denying that there’s even a problem at all, stating that they are upgrading the car for other reasons than a potential for catching on fire.

 That said, those same owners say Ferrari told them the notice has something to do with the fuel tank, which definitely lends credibility to the potential fire risk.

If you’re smelling something a bit fishy, you’re not the only one. Stay tuned, we’ll try to see what’s up with Ferrari in the coming days.