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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ferrari Driver Somehow Survives This Nasty Semi-Truck Crash


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Talk about lucky. Two people in Doral, Fla. came out of that completely destroyed Ferrari 458 with only minor injuries after the allegedly intoxicated driver lost control while speeding and running into a semi-truck.

 The result was a scene that looked like the Fast and Furious Honda Civic robbery gone wrong, and a total loss of the supercar. Fortunately, though, neither life was lost.

The driver, 26-year-old Jose Luis Martin, was arrested for a DUI after the accident and ended the evening in jail after leaving a nightclub.

 According to NBC 6 Miami, Martin has a previous record, as well, including no less than 30 (!) infractions in just the past three years. He has everything from running stop signs to other speeding tickets. How this guy was still on the road is a wonder.

Police are citing a speedometer stuck on 75 mph as an indication that he was going at least 40 mph faster than the 35 mph speed limit. Hopefully Martin’s license will be taken away, and this incident will be the last time he has a chance to endanger both himself and others on the road.