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Friday, March 27, 2015

Is a New Lincoln Continental Debuting In New York?


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Lincoln Continental Classic 2

The Lincoln Continental once stood for American style and luxury, and it looks like it might be about to stage a comeback. There are indications that the Continental will be making a surprise return at the New York Auto Show next week.
The leak comes from an in-progress website that has since been removed — no surprise there — but not before the guys at Jalopnik caught wind of its existence. There were no pictures so we have no idea what this new Continental may look like, but there was a brief description of the car.

Lincoln Continental Classic

It boils down to a lot of marketing-speak about how the Lincoln Continental Concept takes everything they know about cars and people and puts it into one vehicle. Even without pictures to whet our appetites, this is exciting news.

The last time this car was around it was 2002 and it was a sorry shadow of its former self. They gave it the axe, but not before they stuck the nameplate on a retro-styled concept that was shown at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Despite a positive reception, nothing ever came from that concept. Maybe now we’re finally getting a new Continental worthy of the name.