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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Here’s the Four-Door McLaren That Will Never Happen


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McLaren P1:4 Concept photo

I’m all for new ideas and creative concepts, but I don’t remember anyone specifically asking for a McLaren that looked like a Porsche Panamera. Heck, even McLaren realizes that building something with four doors is a dumb idea. But lo and behold, one graphic artist went to work on making it happen.

It comes by way of Shmee150 from designer Matthew Fountain. It’s essentially a shrunken P1 with two extra doors slapped on the back and a turtle shell for a rear. It’s well done, but definitely odd… to say the least.

McLaren P1:4 Concept green photo

Even better, someone in the comments section went and mocked it up in lime green with a big wing and a more aggressive stance.

Because four-door race car. The Internet is a weird place, man.