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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dodge is Pumping Out an Extra 1,000 Hellcats To Fill Backorders


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2015 Dodge Challenger HEMI Hellcat photo

Dodge has two huge hits on its hands with the Charger SRT Hellcat and Challenger SRT Hellcat. Orders were far higher than expected leading to such long wait times that they finally stopped taking new ones. Those waiting for their Hellcat orders, though, will be happy to hear that Dodge has just made plans to build an extra 1,000 Hellcats to fill the demand.

This does not mean that you can go order one if you haven’t already. Those who are already on the list will be getting their cars sooner. The news comes from who reported the extra units through an anonymous source.

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT with the HEMI® Hellcat engine

They did not have information on the split between Chargers and Challengers, but at least it means that Dodge is doing what it can to address the huge demand. The hold-up is reportedly due to engine production, so the extra thousand means they’re making the engines, but which cars they’ll put them in is still a mystery.

There is plenty of frustration coming from those who are waiting on their Hellcat and this latest move shows Dodge is doing what they can to fix the situation. Stopping new orders was a good first step and ramping up engine production is another step in the right direction. Hopefully those waiting will be getting their cars soon.