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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Top 5 Coolest Small CUVs, According to You



The fastest growing automotive segment in America is the small CUV, and that got us thinking, since so many people are buying in, “Which of today’s small CUVs is considered the ‘coolest’?” We posed that question to readers a few days ago, and while some of you rather humorously likened it to picking the hairiest bald guy or skinniest fat guy, we received a trove of responses. 
Our mass appeal winner was admittedly quite expected, but there were a few surprising last-placers on the list. Take a look.

Jeep Renegade24.6% of vote


Jeep is a brand that only sells SUVs and crossovers, so it isn’t surprising to see that its new entry rises to the top in popularity. The EPA recently certified Jeep’s new cute ute at 31 mpg highway in two-wheel drive, and 29 mpg highway in all-wheel drive form.

Are there more practical, more off-road capable, and larger crossovers on the market? Sure. But for most buyers in that segment, the Renegade should tick all checkboxes.

Mercedes-Benz GLA: 18.3% of vote


The GLA is far from what you’d call a budget small crossover vehicle, but it does offer luxury buyers a step into the Mercedes utility line at a crucial price point – starting at $31,300. Mechanicals are closely related to the CLA sedan, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The high-powered 355hp GLA 45 AMG is most certainly not a bad thing either.

Mazda CX-3: 13.3% of vote


If you like Mazda’s fine-handling CX-5 but are looking for something a bit lower and leaner, the CX-3 will be gunning for your hard-earned Benjamins. It arrives this summer packing a 2.0-liter four-cylinder (which makes 155hp in the CX-5) and a six-speed auto.

Honda HR-V: 11.3% of vote


Judging by the Honda Fit’s huge popularity in the hatchback market, the Fit-based HR-V ought to be a massive seller amongst small crossovers. It totes impressive styling, both two- and all-wheel-drive, and to the delight of clutch pedal dancers – a six-speed manual.

Audi Q3: 10.4% of the vote


If there’s any takeaway from the small crossover market, it is this – you have options. The Audi Q3 looks to be quite a competitive one too, amongst its BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA luxury competitors. A six-speed auto, four-cylinder turbo, and front-wheel drive come standard, with Quattro all-wheel-drive available as an option.

While the Renegade took top popularity marks, its close mechanical relative the Fiat 500X didn’t fare quite so well in polling (capturing just 2.5 percent of the vote). The Nissan Juke polled marginally better at 5.4 percent. While not factored in on the poll, many of you also lauded the Subaru XV Crosstrek and Buick Encore.