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Monday, November 2, 2015

Ludicrous 427 Big Block Corvette Stingray Makes 1,000 HP



Monstrous power. That’s the best way to describe this tuned Chevrolet Corvette from Weapon X Motorsports out of Cincinnati, Ohio. We’ve seen some pretty impressive tunes of the new ‘Vette, but with 1,000 horsepower under the hood, this is quite the weapon.
Ben Henderson is the co-owner of Weapon X, and has an affinity for big block engines. The massive 427 cubic-inch V8s have been a key part of the formula in the previous-generation Z06, but due to stricter emissions regulations, Chevy couldn’t through the brutish 427 underneath the new Z06, instead opting for supercharging to make the adequate power.

But according to Ben wanted the big block V8 underneath the hood of his ride, so he stripped down the ‘Vette and had it built his way.

 He started by sending it off to award-winning engine builder Tony Bischoff of BES Racing Engines, who fitted the Stingray with a fifth-generation LT1, which was bored, and fitted with all manner of performance aftermarket components, including intake manifold, cams, exhaust valves and too many more to list.


But the big add-on to the 427 was a direct-port nitrous system that helped jack output up to 600 horsepower, which is shy of where they wanted it to be.

 After a lot of tuning later, and they were able to get the output up to 884 horsepower at the rear wheels. Typically, there is about a 15 percent parasitic loss as power makes its way from the engine to the rear wheels, so this thing is making in the neighborhood of a thousand horses.

Before they had the car completely dialed in, it was making 10-second quarter-mile runs, crossing at 141 mph. Ben fully expects the Weapon X ‘Vette to be a 9-second car. This is one Stingray that we need to see in action.