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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Watch Blind a Mechanic Remove a Funny Car Engine Alone


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Blind Mechanic

There are inherent dangers in working with cars and Jay Blake knows this firsthand. He was working as a head mechanic at a transportation company when a tire exploded in his face and nearly killed him. Blake survived, but was left completely blind and without a sense of taste or smell. This didn’t dampen his passion for drag racing which can be seen in this video of him removing a funny car engine all alone.

According to BangShift, Blake is now crew chief and car owner of the Follow a Dream/Permatex NHRA Top Alcohol Funny Car. The team has had great success, finishing in the top 10 both nationally and regionally. They’ve also won at Gatornationals and World Finals.

Blake works with his team during events, never letting his disabilities stand in the way of supporting and encouraging his team. It’s quite inspirational, and shows how deep his passion for drag racing runs. Blake is so skilled that he takes apart this hemi engine for removal from a funny car all on his own.

He makes his way around the shop, feeling his way around benches more easily than many who can see perfectly well. Blake is truly an inspiration, showing that people are capable of overcoming incredible obstacles through determination an commitment.