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Monday, January 5, 2015

Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione Likely, But No Power Boost



The paint has barely had time to dry on Ferrari’s latest track-only hypercar, the LaFerrari-based FXX K, and already rumors of an even more hardcore model have come to light. Pegged as an FXX K ‘Evoluzione’, the UK’s Autocar reports that this model won’t arrive for a number of years, but when it does it might not follow the formula we’ve previously seen. 

In an interview with the magazine, Ferrari test driver Marc Gené suggested that a future ‘Evoluzione’ iteration of the FXX K likely won’t develop any more power than the standard car. “The XXK has 1,021hp,” comments Gené. “I cannot see cars of the future having more power than that.”

Ferrari’s previous double-X rated track cars featured ‘Evo’ packages, and in both cases received horsepower bumps. The 599XX Evo crept up to 740hp while the Enzo-based FXX Evoluzione soared up to 860hp. Instead of purposeless horsepower additions, Gené says development will occur elsewhere.


“Now the focus will be on efficiency and then on power-to-weight ratio. Weight is critical.”

The FXX K reportedly already cut a 200 pound chunk of weight from its road-legal LaFerrari cousin, and a lightened FXX K Evoluzione could probably shave a few pounds more.

 Though don’t hold your breath waiting for one. Gené’s estimate for a debut is better measured in decades rather than years, which is a bit depressing for those of you who missed a chance at the current FXX K – they’ve all been accounted for.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens,” he notes. “But it won’t be in two years. Cars like this have a life cycle of around ten years.”