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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lamborghini Sticking with Supercars; Says No to Hybrids


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Lamborghini Aventador photo

When you think Lamborghini, you think supercars. And the company is right there with you. They have no intention of going down the hybrid route,and are fine leaving that territory alone. That is despite the fact they did show the plug-in Asterion hybrid once upon a time.

The Asterion was a concept car with a combined 910 horsepower, which was more than enough for playing with the other supercars on the playground. Not to mention it had a pretty great interior. Almost everyone loved it, except for the company’s CEO who wasn’t so happy with the car’s technology.

Aventador J track photo

This news comes from a Jalopnik interview with Maurizio Reggiani who is Lamborghini’s head of research and development. Reggiani said that it wasn’t a matter of being against hybrids, but of not being able to truly work the existing technology into the Lamborghini aesthetic.

All that hybrid tech is not designed to be lightweight and lightweight is what you need if you’re building supercars. The additional weight wasn’t enough of a damper to make the Asterion a slowpoke by any means, but the company felt it just didn’t work with the Lamborghini badge. The company might embrace the technology some day, but not until it’s much more supercar ready.