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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The LEGO Speed Champion Sets Have Finally Arrived!


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The greatest feature of the ubiquitous LEGO set is simple: if you can’t find the pirate ship, medieval castle, or space station that you desire… you can just build your own. Detail-minded car fans have been turning random LEGO sets into real-world race cars for decades. 

However, LEGO’s newest addition has made constructing modern day sports and race cars even easier. It’s called the LEGO Speed Champions series and while the sets made a big splash when they leaked on the Internet last year – they’re finally available for sale online! Follow the links below to find them on Amazon.

The sets include the hypercar trio of the McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari, and Porsche 918 Spyder. But LEGO knows that the spiced-up road cars aren’t for everyone, so they’ve included a Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 race car, a pair of Porsche 911 race cars with a start-finish line scene, a Ferrari F14T Formula 1 car with a transport truck, and a McLaren MP4-29 with a pit stop scene.


If you don’t feel like buying each one individually, LEGO offers two ‘Speed Champions Collection’ packages: one for the hypercar trio (and GT2 Italia), and the other for the 911s and McLaren F1 car. Expect spur of the moment racing to erupt across the living room, den, kids’ rooms, and kitchen table.

In terms of licensing, trademarks, and all the other complexities of putting a Porsche, McLaren, and Ferrari emblem on things – the Speed Champions line is quite frankly a pretty big deal. Here’s hoping the series continues…
What cars do you want to see LEGO put into production? Bugatti Veyron, anyone?