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Friday, October 16, 2015

Air Suspension System Lets You Change Car’s Height from Smartphone


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You probably don’t think about your car’s suspension much. Maybe if you bottom out on a pothole you let out a groan and wonder if you need new shocks, but most of the time it’s an afterthought. For tuners the mindset it a little different.
Many customized rides feature air suspensions. This allows the driver to change the ride height of the vehicle, which can be used to change the vehicle’s center of gravity, or even raise the front end to get a low-slung ride, like this the Scion FR-S pictured above, over a curb.

Air Lift performance has come out with something called the H3 air suspension system. It is a pressure-based control with ride height sensing tech. According to Air Lift it is the first ever combination of these two applications:

The key component is the remote controller for the system. It kind of looks like a smartphone, and features a full color display. It allows the driver to see the pressure and height of each corner in real time. It also allows the driver to toggle those settings. The system is Bluetooth-capable and has a mobile app companion so you can change your ride height even when not in the car.


We may think of air suspension as an old school lowrider feature, but this system clearly shows that the technology is ready for the 21st century.