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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Yamaha Readying “4Wheeler” Sports Car Concept for Tokyo


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For over 60 years, Yamaha Motor Company has been one of the most well-known motorcycle manufacturers in the world. But even with that storied 60-year motorcycle history, the company hasn’t had much luck in vehicles of the four-wheeled variety. That could change before next year.
Yamaha dropped a shadowy teaser (top image) of an upcoming sports car dubbed the “4Wheeler” for the Tokyo Auto Show. From what we can tell, the image shows a low-slung, two-door sports car with similar proportions to possibly an F-Type or 911. Based on the layout, we can also assume that it’s a mid-engine, rear- or all-wheel-drive layout.


As for performance, your guess is as good as ours. Using the Moitv.e concept as reference (pictured above)—which will be produced by 2019—the new sports car will likely ride on the same, stretched platform, and put to use an electric or hybrid drivetrain. We also expect to see Gordon Murray behind the looks of this newest concept.
We’ll know all the details for sure when the Yamaha concept makes its Tokyo Motor Show debut in less than 10 days from now.