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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Your Childhood Is Telling You To Buy This Real-Life Cozy Coupe



Cozy Coupe 3

It’s been 30 years since toy company Little Tikes introduced the Cozy Coupe. In that time, it has become a favorite toy among children all around the world. From its bright red body to its yellow roof, the Cozy Coupe is instantly recognizable.

Throughout the years, people have turned to modifying their Cozy Coupes to suit their children’s needs, and there have been plenty of bored dads that have built ridiculous versions of them in their garages. However, no matter how wild those versions were, all pale in comparison to this Cozy Coupe.

Cozy Coupe 1
First off, it’s a real car. It has brakes, a steering wheel that’s actually hooked up to its tires, and an engine. It also seats two, which is a vast improvement to the original design of the Cozy Coupe, which could only carry two people if you made someone hang onto the roof.

Built in the U.K., and using a Daewoo Matiz as its platform, the man responsible for bringing your childhood to life says it only took 16 weeks to modify the original car to its current state.

The real-life Cozy Coupe will do 70 miles per hour, and is fully road legal. Although you might want to bring a along helmet and goggles, as it doesn’t exactly have a windshield. Now, the owner is selling this amazing little blast from the past, and the car can be yours on eBay for only $33,000.

The car comes with a full history of how it was made, and pictures throughout the build process. Nevertheless, the seller says the highlight of buying this Cozy Coupe is that it’s “Guaranteed to create smiles wherever it goes!” and honestly we can’t disagree with that.