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Thursday, October 29, 2015

We Really Hope BMW Sees This M1 Supercar Rendering


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BMW M1 6

For many, the pinnacle of BMW design is the now classic M1 supercar that the company built from 1978 to 1981. In its day, the M1 was an monster on both street and racetrack. BMW mated the M1 to a modified inline six-cylinder engine that produced 273 horsepower; this gave the M1 the capability of hitting 162 miles per hour, which during its time was exceptionally fast.

Through the years though, BMW has never truly revived the nameplate. This rendering has the potential to change that.

BMW M1 4
Over the years, BMW debuted multiple concepts that aimed to revive the once great supercar, but none ever amounted to anything. Nevertheless, those design studies were used to create what we now know as the i8. However, given that the BMW i8 is very much a different car than the original M1, a gap is present for BMW to come up with a better interpretation. This rendering, fills that gap.

Designed by South African artist Giom Mouton, the M1 lives again using the original’s overall shape while also incorporating BMW’s current design language into the rendering. At the core of this design study, the new BMW M1 is a modified i8, which was used for good reason. By using the i8 architecture, BMW would be able to bring this car to production faster since the groundwork is already complete.

BMW M1 5

According to the designer, his new BMW M1 would use the twin-turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine out of the new M3/M4, and the same carbon tub from the i8. “While Mercedes and Audi are churning out exotic supercars, BMW has none. It is time to evoke the legend from the past,” stated Mouton, who spoke with BMWBlog.
While we’ve heard rumors that BMW is indeed developing a new supercar with McLaren and or Toyota, we’ve seen nothing to actually confirm or even hint that these rumors are true. If proven accurate though, we hope that BMW revives the M1, because if there ever was a supercar that deserves a revival, it’s the M1.

BMW M1 3