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Friday, October 9, 2015

Smartphone App Improves Driver Behavior, Calls 911 in a Crash



Your phone can often be a distraction when you drive. Be it calls, texts or even twitter updates, there are plenty of ways that the smartphone can get in the way of making it to your destination safely. But there is an app that flips the script, turning your phone from potential hazard to safety feature.
Driversiti bills itself as a driver safety app that provides feedback but also uses sensors to assist the driver in an emergency. In normal driving conditions, the app uses the accelerometer in your smartphone to determine your driving behavior and can provide real-time feedback.

 It notices things like rapid acceleration, hard braking, and speeding. It also notices if you are handling your phone, and in all of these conditions, provides real-time feedback, though the apps website did not exactly explain how it would do that (considering such a warning could be distracting in of itself).


Where Driversiti also comes in handy is in the case of an accident. Even if you have your phone mounted, if you slam into another car at speeds of even just 20 mph, it can still dislodge the phone and send it flying.
 If you need to contact emergency responders, it will be pretty hard to find your phone. This app uses or own phone’s sensors to detect a crash, and will automatically alert emergency responders for you. If you can’t find your phone, that could be a crucial feature.

Finally, the app helps employers and fleet mangers by altering its drivers to road hazards, and provides tips on safer and more efficient driving, which in turn reduces costs.

Driversiti says that it has the only patent for a phone crash-detection system, and will begin licensing the product starting next year on a commercial/fleet level. That could include car clubs, car manufacturers, or shipping/delivery companies.