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Monday, October 12, 2015

The Delahaye Spirit Lives On Through This Stunning Sports Car Concept


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French marque Delahaye was founded in France in 1894 (not to be confused with American coachbuilder Delahaye USA). The brand survived for nearly 60 years, and in that time, created some of the most stunning vehicles known the world over. They’ve been absent from the market for quite some time—but one designer wants to change that.
Paul Breshke—whose Bugatti Gangloff concept we’ve previously featured—is the man behind this latest stunning concept. It took him over a year and a half to finish, and gives us a brand new, unique look at a classic marque.

“My goal was to create a completely new car body design, so that to highlight the classic advantages of this brand,” said Breshke. The concept includes subtle placement of some iconic features of the Delahaye brand, including the diamond-shaped grille, but molds it together with a very modern body. If you look closely, the rear 3/4 closely resembles sports cars like the Jaguar F-Type or Mercedes-AMG GT.

And then there’s the interior, which aims to redefine modern luxury. Wood and leather coats every inch, and the seats are gracefully styled with velvet accents and caramel stitching. The goal was to make the interior as luxurious and comfortable as possible, living up to the iconic Delahaye name.


It’s an absolutely beautiful design. And while the Delahaye brand is no longer around, Breshke hopes that someone will take his concept and turn it into reality.