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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rinspeed Builds First Autonomous Hybrid Sportscar



Describing automaker Rinspeed is like having someone describe a foreign film they saw ten years ago—you’ll really never understand it without actually seeing it for yourself. The Swiss automaker is in all reality, more of an automotive think tank that builds cars sometimes. Lately, the team at Rinspeed has been focusing on autonomous vehicles and their newest creation is this—the Ʃtos.

Described as the first “autonomous hybrid sports car,” Rinspeed wants to take the humdrum out of traffic, but keep the speed and fun-loving nature of a sportscar when blasting through your favorite sections of road.
The company pulls off this dual nature by giving the car an adaptable interior. In autonomous mode, the car will fold up the steering wheel, and retract it into the dashboard to give a completely flush appearance.

 As the steering wheel retracts, the two front windshields (yes two) will additionally pull closer to the driver and passenger, this then gives them a better view forward.

Inside the Ʃtos, Rinspeed uses a Harman Connected Car infotainment system, which according to the automaker, is more of a personal assistant than a regular infotainment unit and operates, “In a thinking, courteous and anticipatory manner.”

 This car is all about having luxury, performance, and complete comfort and being able to choose from each depending on the situation. However, the most interesting oddity on the entire car is over the rear deck-lid.

Rinspeed Etos 3

Positioned right in your rearward line of sight, are a helipad and your very own drone. Rinspeed states that the drone can be used to, “Fetch a bouquet of flowers the driver ordered online and even deliver it directly to the lucky recipient, or of the wild ride on the favorite fun road and stream it live to friends.”

The Rinspeed Ʃtos will debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this upcoming January. This represents the first time in the history of the company that it will debut a concept outside Europe. According to Frank M Rinderknecht, “The major and especially the disruptive innovations in future automotive engineering will come from the digital realm.”

 No other trade show is better suited for this technology than CES.
CES begins January 6th and goes until the 9th.