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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mazda Unveils RX-Vision Concept In Tokyo


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RX-Vision 1

Enthusiasts have reason to rejoice this evening, as Mazda just unveiled an all-new sportscar concept, the RX-Vision. Prior to the RX-Vision’s unveiling, Mazda teased the world with a very dark, very vague picture of what appeared to be a new sportscar.

 No one could figure out what it showed. Was it the long-awaited revival of the RX platform, or was it just another variant of the new ND Miata? Finally, we have answers.

According to Mazda, the RX-Vision, “represents a vision of the future that Mazda hopes to one day make into reality.” Using the KODO design language that now makes up the Mazda lineup, the company built a brand new front-engine, rear-wheel drive sports car.

 However, the most interesting aspect of the concept car is the engine it uses. Powered by what Mazda call the, “next generation of SKYACTIV-R rotary engine,” the RX-Vision returns to the illustrious Wankel engines of Mazda’s past.

RX-Vision 3

Mazda remains the only manufacturer to bring rotary engines to commercial production, and due to the unique engine, Mazda has developed a loyal rotary fan following. Since discontinuing the last rotary engine in the RX-8 in 2011, those same fans have been waiting for the company to bring out the next generation car.

Little besides what’s offered above is known about the RX-Vision Concept, or whether or not this represents a car that will see production in the near future.

 What should give hope to enthusiasts around the world is that in the presentation, Mazda stated that the company is working to mass-produce the next generation of the SKYACTIV-R rotary engines.

RX-Vision 2

As the car just debuted a short time ago, more information will likely be gleaned over the next few days. Stay tuned as we cover the rest of the Tokyo Motor Show.

RX-Vision 4