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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Bugatti Chiron Caught Looking More Production-Ready


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One of the most anticipated cars of the year decade century is almost here. The Bugatti Chiron, in all its ridiculous glory, was pictured lightly camouflaged out and about on public roads by Magazin ProDriver CZ. And it looks closer to production than we initially thought.
The best angle we see is from the back. The chunky rear end of the Veyron has been replaced with a more streamlined design. Massive dual exhaust tips accent the rear diffuser and the side panels carry over a few Veyron design cues. Otherwise, we’re still left in the dark on exactly what it will look like when it hits production.


Early power figures suggest the new Chiron will be even more powerful than the outgoing Veyron. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,500 horsepower is expected to come from the plug-in hybrid W16. Not to mention an expected $2.5 million price tag that should keep it extra exclusive.
But these details are still just educated guesses at this point. We won’t know official stats until the Chrion makes its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show next year.