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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bugatti Chiron Unaffected by Dieselgate and Cancellations


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Matthias Müller, the new CEO of the Volkswagen Auto Group, stated last week that cars in the automaker’s lineup that are. “Not absolutely necessary will be cancelled or postponed.” This announcement was in response to the current scandal revolving around the company’s 2.0-liter diesel engines.

Many had pegged the upcoming Bugatti Chiron, the successor to the Veyron, as one of the models that would be either cancelled or postponed due to the monumental cost each unit would require to build. Although, it seems that those who foresaw the Bugatti’s death may have been too quick to proclaim it DOA.
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Jalopnik has learned that the Chiron will debut on schedule, and that the company has no plans on killing the upcoming hypercar in light of the recent events. Bugatti’s statement is most likely due to the Chiron’s engineering being almost completely finished.

Before the diesel scandal rocked Volkswagen’s world, the Bugatti was scheduled to debut this upcoming March at the Geneva Motor Show. Given the short period between now and the car’s debut, Volkswagen didn’t want to throw away millions of dollars worth of research and development.

The Chiron might be big PR for VW Group’s engineering prowess, but is also bad optics when taken in the context of the #Dieselgate scandal.


It is possible that Bugatti and Volkswagen would re-examine both the cost of the car, and how many total units the company will produce. For the Veyron, Volkswagen was said to have lost $6.24 million per car. To cap the hemorrhaging of cash, Volkswagen would be sensible to decrease the total amount of cars built. In addition to making the hypercar more exclusive, it’s likely that the price will also increase.

What this means is that the Chiron will not only be faster than the outgoing Veyron, but more expensive, and more exclusive. All of which adds up to a car we desperately still want to drive.

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