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Monday, October 26, 2015

Alpha-N Performance Takes On the BMW M2


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The new BMW M2 is a return to form for the Bavarian manufacturer. It’s a return to a smaller set of performance cars that the company has been lacking in for quite some time. With increased safety regulations, BMW’s performance lineup has had to become stockier and much wider in the hips, yet this BMW isn’t.

The M2 then, is a breath of fresh air. One that’s powered by a turbocharged inline six-cylinder motor that makes 365 horsepower. This new motor represents a brilliant piece of engineering, yet there are those that think it isn’t enough, even though they haven’t even been able to drive the new car.

BMW M2 3

Alpha-N Performance believes it has the perfect upgrade for the BMW M2, which again, hasn’t even debuted to the public. According to the tuning house, the Alpha-N Performance package for the upcoming BMW M2 will consist of a new, edgier body kit with increased aerodynamic performance, and increased performance from the car’s engine.

While the company is still in development of the entire kit, they’ve stated that it will likely consist of a water-injection system similar to the one found in the new BMW M4 GTS, a carbon fiber front splitter, new carbon wing, a carbon hood, carbon mirrors, a new ECU tune, better inlets to allow the brakes to cool faster, and a set of OZ Superforgiata wheels.

BMW M2 2

Alpha-N Performance is aiming at turning what could possibly be one of the best cars in the segment into an absolute terror to drive anywhere but the track. Yet it will be intriguing to see just how much more horsepower the tuning house can get out of the little car.

The new BMW M2 will go on sale next spring, however, the company hasn’t released any pricing just yet on the new coupe.