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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

This Is What a Lotus Exige With a BMW V10 Looks Like


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The Lotus Exige is a lightweight, four-cylinder sports car designed for twisty roads and even twister tracks. But because it’s such a balanced, fun-to-drive car, it’s typically the subject for tuners like Hennessey—or in this case, one do-it-yourselfer.
About three years ago, a man named Johan set out to create the most bonkers Exige in the UK. According to, the goal was to swap out the peppy four-cylinder engine previously under the bonnet, for a snarling BMW V10. The same engine found on the previous-generation M5.


With a massive V10 being transplanted, it warranted some cutting and stretching of the body from Johan to ensure proper fitment. A 6-speed manual gearbox off a Porsche Boxster S was also added, being one of the few that would fit normally without too much finagling.
Johan wanted to also ensure that his creation was able to stop as good as it went, so he fit some race-tested Porsche 997 GT3 brakes. To keep the car sticky, some ATS GTR Motorsports 18″ x 9″ front and 18″ x 11″ rims and Kumho V70A 245s tires were added too.


At the end of the day, this V10-powered Lotus pushes out close to 500 horsepower. Finished off in a BMW Carbon Black Metallic, the project resembles something close to a mini Hennessey Venom. Though, much more subtle.

It’s a beautiful creation, and one that Johan says he’ll continue to tweak and perfect after spending some time on the track.