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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Oh Yes, Jay Leno Drives a Denim Car


To some, Jay Leno is a late night host with an appetite for cars. To others, Jay Leno is a car guy that just happens to be funny. Either way you look at it, the car collecting comedian presides over an incredible assortment of rides…and he let Funny Or Die take a peak at one of his weirdest. Sort of.
Presenting the Leno 501, a ‘70s Pontiac Grand Ville made completely out of acid wash denim jeans.

For those who haven’t seen episodes of Jay Leno’s Garage, Leno sports his denim attire like a uniform, constantly. For those familiar with the show, the punchline is immediately obvious. Take a look at the amusing clip, below.

So what do you find in a denim car? For starters, doors that zip open, suspenders for seat belts, and two giant rear pockets instead of a trunk. It’s not what you’d call the most practical car on the road, but it is 100 percent American made. Each piece of stonewashed denim bodywork was all previously warn by Leno.

The acid wash Pontiac isn’t without its perks, though. Fender benders and scratches are solved with a quick touch of a stain remover pen and get this—the denim car runs on laundry detergent. That might not make it “green” per se, but it does make it smell like lavender, a cool breeze, or dryer sheets.