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Friday, October 2, 2015

Panoz Unveils DeltaWing GT Concept, One Step Closer to Road Car


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Progress in the automotive world is typically marked by a few major breakthroughs, and a whole lot of evolution. By and large change in the car world happens in increments, but then there are some really out there ideas that take things in a whole new direction. That might be what we are looking at with this Panoz DeltaWing GT concept.
In 2012, a very different vehicle joined the field at that year’s 24 Hours of LeMans. It looked unlike any other car in the field, bearing a long, narrow front, but a seemingly typical rear end. It was called the DeltaWing and it was anything but typical. The project was a collaboration between Nissan, Panoz, and others.


After a rocky start on the track, and a legal battle with Nissan for naming rights, the DeltaWing Technology Group, led by Don Panoz and Chip Ganassi continued to evolve the unconventional racer. And the group has now taken the wraps off the DeltaWing GT concept, signaling a vehicle that looks almost ready for the road.
Officially called the Panoz DeltaWing GT, its unique design is geared towards improved fuel economy. The narrow front track results in improved aerodynamics and drastic weight reductions. According to a press release the concept could achieve as much as 74 miles per gallon highway and 57 mpg combined.


The group also calls the DeltaWing GT a, “Green technology multi-tool,” meaning they can swap in various environmentally friendly powertrains in the rear. That includes electric, hybrid, diesel, gas and compressed natural gas (CNG) drivetrains.

If a fully road-legal version of the DeltaWing GT actually does happen, Panoz says it will come in two- and four-passenger variants. For now, you can check out the single-seat DeltaWing GT concept this weekend at Road Atlanta.

 The track is hosting the 18th annual Petit Le Mans race, and Panoz has a display that will feature past racing versions of the DeltaWing, as well as the DeltaWing GT concept you see here. If you live in the Atlanta area, it is worth checking out an early concept for a car that we could eventually see on the open road!