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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

You Can Now Buy Griff Tannen’s BMW from “Back to the Future II”


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Griff Back to Future BMW

The car that immediately comes to mind when you think of the Back to the Future franchise is the DeLorean, but that’s not the only cool car that was featured in the movies. In BTTF II, Griff Tannen had his own cool car and now that restored BMW 6 Series is up for auction.

Griff’s car shows up in the second movie when an angry Griff tries to swat at Marty with a baseball bat. He misses and ends up smashing his own taillight—a bit of damage they chose to leave when they restored the car. That restoration happened in 2004 and required new fiberglass hover conversion pieces, Mag-Lev Hover Conversion Systems stickers, seats, and tires. It was a thorough rebuild that brought the BMW back to its movie condition.

Griff Back to Future BMW Profile

This car was never intended to drive, and was held up on a forklift in the movie to make it look like it was flying. The crew bought the cheapest BMW they could find at the time and this one fit the bill at only $400. Dials and gauges are all in German and, after watching the video, you’ll see it has its quirks. They do appear to be driving on the open road, so despite its mechanical deficiencies, it actually moves.

Anyone buying this isn’t buying it because they love old BMWs, but because they’re a huge Back to the Future fan. In that regard, it’s the perfect purchase and it can by yours through an auction currently ongoing at icollector. Minimum bid is $10,000 to put this piece of history in your garage.