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Saturday, May 9, 2015

2016 Dodge Viper ACR is the Fastest, Meanest Snake Ever Built


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The first Dodge Viper ACR arrived in 1999, and over its subsequent generations, tweaks and refinements, it has proven to be less car and more legend – nabbing race track records and proving a tough competitor to even the most exotic sports cars. But to the chagrin of fans, the ACR remained absent from the current generation. 

Until now. Sports car fans of the world, rejoice— the hallowed ACR is coming back for 2016, and Dodge has confirmed it to be the fastest street-legal Viper track car ever. And for good reason. The new ACR loads up on substantial brake, aerodynamic, and performance upgrades to keep the Viper planted and in control, no matter the speed.


Dodge’s most obvious addition to the new Viper ACR (American Club Racer) comes in the form of the aggressive ‘Extreme Aero Package’. At full chat, the huge carbon fiber rear wing, front and rear diffusers and side elements generate one ton of downforce. How much is that? Quite a lot, in fact it’s three times more than the limited Viper TA with the 2.0 aero package.

Underneath that heady bodywork lies the traditional Viper V10, delivering 8.4-liters of grunt, 645 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque, all shotgunned to a Tremec TR6060 six-speed gearbox and aired through a tuned side exhaust. The serpent also levies a 10-setting adjustable Bilstein coilover suspension setup, which allows for three full inches of adjustment.


Like any good track car, the streetable Viper ACR needs to stop as hard as it goes. With massive Brembo calipers, specially designed Kuhmo Ecsta tires and carbon ceramic brakes (15-inch rotors up front, 14.2-inch in rear), it should grip like a tick. There’s also less to haul around. The Viper sports a pared-down three-speaker stereo and lightened carpet, though you can spec-up a number of options with Dodge’s ‘1 of 1’ customization program.

Production is slated to begin later this year on the 2016 model, though pricing and production numbers haven’t been released.