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Monday, May 25, 2015

Is This The Joker’s New Car from Suicide Squad?



Batman has the Tumbler. Wonder Woman has an Invisible Jet. The Joker has… an Infiniti G35 Coupe? 
No, you didn’t misread that line. Based on the following snapshots and tweets posted on Batman-News, it would appear The Joker – or at least Harley Quinn – will be driving an Infiniti G35 Coupe in the upcoming DC super villain flick, Suicide Squad.

You may be thinking, “that doesn’t look like any Infiniti I’ve ever seen.” And you’d be right. As our friends at Carscoops pointed out, it is instead a G35 Coupe dressed in the rather exotic Vaydor aftermarket widebody kit… or at least it would appear to be. Take a look.



These photos, taken by fans during filming of Suicide Squad, clearly reveal some striking similarities between the movie car and this green Vaydor Infiniti G35, photographed at the SEMA show. The overall body shape looks to be an exact match, especially down to its sleek rear roofline, angled headlights, hood venting, and defined snout.

Admittedly, the 293 horsepower G35 Coupe is a bit of an odd motoring choice for a modern superhero or villain, but then again, The Joker isn’t your average villain and the Vaydor package isn’t your average kit.


The Vaydor kit comes with a unique chassis and body, which accepts the subframes, engine and drivetrain from the G35 Coupe – turning it into a visual rival for the likes of the European supercar elite. Interestingly, a fully-built version recently surfaced on eBay, and it looks every bit as evil as The Joker. Good casting.