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Friday, May 8, 2015

Prior Design Devises a More Sinister Mercedes SLS


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prior design SLS AMG mercedes photo

While the drop-dead-gorgeous Mercedes SLS is no longer in the land of the living — replaced by the new AMG GT — that premature death hasn’t stopped one custom shop from giving it some love. That shop is Prior Design, and they’ve dropped all the dirty details on their new SLS project.
The Prior Design kit is mostly aesthetics. The aero pieces alone are called the PD900GTWB, though, we’re not sure why it has such a silly name. They could have gone with something cooler like, “the SLS Reaper,” or “the SLS kicks ass and takes names.” Either one of those would be better suited for the way this car looks.


In the kit, Prior includes custom front and rear bumpers, new front and rear fenders that widen the car, a set of side skirts, new hood and new trunk spoiler all of which come in carbon fiber. What you also get are a full set of forged Rotiform SNA wheels, new KW coilovers, and a custom exhaust. You can also opt for the new ECU tune that pulls in an extra 80 horsepower when combined with the exhaust.

But, this little PD900GTWB package isn’t what you’d call cheap. At almost $28,000, you could buy a new Ford Fiesta ST. Although, if you do that, you’d definitely lose a lot of street cred. So maybe if you have an SLS you should do the smart thing and buy this kit immediately.