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Saturday, May 30, 2015

What Do You Think of This Brown and Yellow BMW i8?


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BMW i8 Front

It seems that those in Abu Dhabi simply will not be content with any kind of standard factory paint color on their car. Instead, they’re drawn to unique combinations that are sure to make their already standout cars even bigger standouts in a desert sea of very expensive supercars. This BMW i8 is the lastest car to get a special look.
You’ll find this one-of-a-kind BMW sitting on the showroom floor of the BMW Abu Dhabi showroom. It has been given a light brown foil wrap which is a car color people either immediately love or immediately hate as some throwback to the 1970s. Add black and bright yellow accents and the car is complete.

BMW i8 Profile

The most striking bit of yellow is boldly placed on the hood, but the color also sneaks in beneath the side view mirrors, along the sides, and integrated into the rear of the car. Even the badges get attention “eDrive” and “i8″ getting some yellow accents.
It’s definitely not a color combination for everyone, but it does have a certain appeal. The i8 is a car you don’t see everyday and brown is a car color you don’t see everyday. At the very least, if they parked one in your driveway and handed you the keys, you’d probably be perfectly happy no matter the color.

BMW i8 Rear