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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Meet the Fastest Hydrogen-Powered Car to Lap the Nurburgring


Forze VI

In 2007, Dutch students set off on a venture to build the world’s first hydrogen-powered track toy. Imagine a Caterham 7 with a fuel cell under the hood. The project ultimately turned out to be a success, and only a few days ago, that car conquered the Nurburgring faster than any other hydrogen-powered car before it.
It’s called the Forze VI, and it pairs a 135-horespower hydrogen fuel cell with two electric motors producing 123-horsepower. Total output sits at 258, and the whole vehicle weighs in at a featherlight 1,896 pounds. So it’s no slouch.

Forze Vi 2

Lapping the dreaded Nurburgring in under 11 minutes, the Forze VI became the fastest fuel cell vehicle to complete the track. At the wheel was former Formula 1 driver Jan Lammers, who seemed pretty impressed with the car, and the engineering behind it:

“It is truly awe inspiring how the students have designed and built a race car that also handles so well, even more so considering the highly advanced technology it contains. I tip my hat to them.”

Forze VI 3

Lammers reached a top speed of 106 mph on the track, though it’s estimated the car tops out somewhere near 137 mph. Either way, an impressive accomplishment for the team of students. You can watch the record-breaking run below: