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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Would You Buy This Ferrari FXX K With Bright Pink Accents?


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Pink Ferrari FXX K copy

The Ferrari FXX K is an incredible supercar that is only going to be found in the climate-controlled garages of the very wealthy. This particular example will go to Simon Yin, a Chinese artist who as made his manly sports car a lot more feminine. He has ordered the car with bright pink accents all over the body.
Pink and black aren’t an unusual color combination, but to find the two on a supercar is different. It’s especially odd that this supercar is the track-only version of the LaFerrari making this a beast that’s now dressing like a delicate flower.

Pink Ferrari FXX K 3

The Ferrari FXX K is different from the LaFerrari in several ways to make it perfect for the track. It’s lighter, has more power, and a noticeably more aggressive aero kit than its tamer sibling.

It’s also a lot more expensive so those who buy it can easily afford to make it however good, bad, or ugly they choose. With 1,035 horsepower, the FXX K can only be used on Ferrari track days so you won’t be seeing it on public roads. Some people may think it’s a touch ugly— but question is, would you drive around in this pink-accented supercar?