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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Watch the Koenigsegg One:1 Set a New Track Record at Suzuka


Koenigsegg One 1 Suzuka

Most of us will never get the chance to see a supercar like the Koenigsegg One:1 on the track, much less ride in one. But with this video, here’s your chance to see what it’s like to be inside a Koenigsegg One:1 as it does what it does best — drive fast.
This video is shot primarily from inside the car. There are no sweeping shots as it takes a corner or lets loose in a straightaway.

It’s all about experiencing the power and adrenaline rush of being inside the car as it hits deliciously fast speeds in the hands of a skilled driver who won’t wrap the thing around a tree.

Koenigsegg Suzuka

That driver is Robert Serwanski, a Koenigsegg test driver, and he takes the car through the Suzuka Circuit in Japan. The first lap is a warm-up and the second lap is at full tilt. It looks completely effortless, but Serwanski is working it and managed to set a new unofficial track record.

The official record is held by the Nissan GT-R, which posted a time of 2:18:36. Koenigsegg’s data-logging system which is attached to the car, recorded 2:17:57. Even then, they managed this with little prior exposure to the track, no special setup for the car, and a passenger riding shotgun. Just imagine what this car could do if Koenigsegg truly aimed for a record.