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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Yes, You Should Buy This V10 Formula 1 Car Right Now



When it comes to racecars, older iterations, depending on the vintage, tend to be astronomically expensive. Not only in terms of sale price, but also maintenance and getting ready for a track day. That said, we think we found one of the best deals of the last few years, if not the last two decades.
Here is a 1990, Williams-Renault Formula 1 car— and right now, it could be yours for the low, low price of just $184,105. And just to be clear, this isn’t a limp wristed copy, or wall mount Formula 1 car without the engine or components. Nope, this is a full-fledged, V10 Formula 1 racecar, and it’s itching for a new owner who will properly flog the hell out of it.


The 3.5-liter Renault V10 that powers this car was good from anywhere between 640 horsepower to a massive 710 horsepower during its Formula 1 days. And through this car’s lifespan, its best finish was 3rd at the US Grand Prix. In other words, you’d be getting a 700 horsepower, V10 Formula 1 car, for the price of a spec’d out Porsche 911 Turbo, or the new McLaren 570S. We know what we would do, but what would you do?