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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

5 Key New Features on the 2016 Chevy Camaro



The rivalry is officially back on. After the sixth-generation Ford Mustang had firm control of 2014, Chevrolet revealed the sixth-generation Camaro in Detroit this weekend to a similar tune: smaller, lighter, more capable, more premium.
After already running through the power numbers, we combed through the information on the new model a bit more and picked out a few notes to point out, some significant, some just interesting or cool. Take a look.

Its Platform is Derivative, Not an Exact Copy


The Gen 6 Camaro is on the same rear-wheel-drive Alpha platform as the Cadillac ATS and CTS. However, according to Chevrolet, 70 percent of the Camaro’s version is unique to the car.

Which is good, considering the Camaro wasn’t built for luxury, it was built for performance.

Magnetic Ride Control and Cylinder Deactivation Offered on Lower Models for First Time 


Before now, the only Camaro that had the automatically adjusting Magnetic Ride Control dampering was the ZL1. Now it’s available on the SS. Also, in addition to the turbocharged four-cylinder engine, Chevy is trying to better fuel economy by offering cylinder deactivation in the V6 model for the first time. It’ll cut two cylinders when deemed unnecessary to help get better mileage.

2.0-Liter Turbo: Sound Enhancement/Deadening, 30 mpg, 0-60 in Less Than Six Seconds


As Ford was with its EcoBoost Mustang, Chevrolet was worried about making the turbo Camaro sound good. It supposedly has sound waves that will cancel cabin noise, but the Bose system can also magnify the noise from the engine and pipe it into your eardrums.

Next to that you’re getting somewhere near 30 mpg and a 0-60 mph time of under six seconds. Not bad for a little four-banger.

The HVAC Controls Are Awesome 

2016 Camaro HVAC controls

Mark Reuss, Executive VP of Global Product Development, bragged this is the best interior he has seen in a long time. One of the coolest features — no pun intended — are the HVAC controls. They’re built right into the cooling bezels. Ruess said that was done to cut down dashboard clutter.

It’s an amazing attention to detail that shows Chevy really was thinking out of the box with this car’s interior. It had always been the Camaro’s weakest point, but, thanks to pressure from Dodge and Ford, Chevy had to step up its game.

It looks Much Better in Person


Anybody and everybody can take a look at a few press photos and clamor that the car is the same and looks like garbage, and blah, blah, blah. But before you go yamming to all your friends about how disappointing the car is, just do your credibility a favor and wait until you see the car in person. It’s definitely better in the metal.