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Sunday, May 10, 2015

This Lamborghini Pickup Truck is Hard to Comprehend


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Just for a few minutes, completely forget everything you know about Lamborghini. Forget the supercar pedigree, forget how expensive the cars are, and forget the type of people who drive Lamborghinis. That’s the only way that you might be able to accept this rendering for what it actually is: a Lamborghini pickup truck.

From the mind and digital pen of Theophilus Chin, the experiment is called the Usus, and it’s essentially the Urus SUV with a truck bed instead of the regular cabin. The rest of the vehicle is pretty much untouched, from the dual tail tips to the sculpted door to the slicing nose.


The most hilarious part might be the small gap you can see on the B-Pillar, which seems like it’s supposed to mimic the air vents you’d see on the Aventador or Huracan that are, you know, actually functional.

The Urus SUV made headlines this week, when news broke that the Italian government is offering Lamborghini 100 million Euros in tax breaks and incentives for a production factory to build the Urus. Lamborghini is still waiting, however, for the Volkswagen group to give the final stamp of approval on the vehicle. We’ll probably never see a real Lambo pickup, though.