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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sell the House, Live in This Vintage GMC Bus



There’s something to be said about unplugging from conventional norms, forgoing the house, mortgage or rent, and instead taking your home on the road. Living in a self-contained house on wheels surely isn’t for everyone, but those who live it, swear by it. And it doesn’t get much more self-contained than this. 
In 1956, this GMC PD-4104 bus hit the road for the first time, and over the years it likely shuttled thousands of patrons to and fro. Now, it has been converted into a full-functioning home on wheels, and this classic highway cruiser wears a ‘for sale’ sign on eBay. Interested? Fluffy dog not included.


According to the seller, this bus-to-home conversion is actually a vintage job, understood to have been completed in the 1970s. Inside, the bus features a main room, which includes a kitchen, dining and living area, as well as a separate bathroom, two bunks and a master bedroom. The GMC is motivated by a big Detroit Diesel 6-71 straight-six engine, and comes complete with a modern high-efficiency fridge and freezer, propane cooktop, double sink, and wood stove. Honestly, the original craftsman couldn’t have picked a better vehicle for the job.
The GMC PD-4104 made a big splash during its production run from 1953 to 1960, thanks to a bevy of advancements over the standard buses of the day, which included an improved air conditioning system and air suspension. Built using a monocoque design, it also weighed less and could stow more cargo than its predecessor – a key feature whether you’re packing in suitcases in the storage compartment below, or fitting waste water tanks for your home conversion.


The seller has made a few 21st century upgrades to the bus, including an electrical system and a few roof-mounted solar panels, but much of it remains original to the conversion. Total mileage is unknown and the bus could use some tender loving car, though the current owner notes they have taken this GMC on a number of cross-country treks.

Summer is upon us, perhaps it could do for another road trip.